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Available chambers will ship within two business days of order without options (select with or without window). Canada and Mexico orders ship within one week. Pre-approved credit only. Orders requiring options or credit approval will be shipped within two weeks.

Model Temperature Range Humidity Range Interior Volume Product series
BTL-433 -20 to 180°C
(-4 to 354°F)
10 to 95% RH 4 cu. ft. Criterion Benchtop
BTX-475 -70 to 180°C
(-94 to 354°F)
10 to 95% RH 4 cu. ft. Criterion Benchtop
BTZ-175 -70 to 180°C
(-94 to 354°F)
1.5 cu. ft. Criterion Benchtop
BTZ-4200 -70 to 180°C
(-94 to 356°F)
4 cu. ft. Compact Temperature Cycling
BTZ-475 -70 to 180°C
(-94 to 354°F)
4 cu. ft. Criterion Benchtop
EPL-2H -35 to 180°C
(-31 to 356°F)
10 to 98% RH 8 cu. ft. Platinous
SH-242 -40 to 150°C
(-40 to 302°F)
30 to 95% RH 0.8 cu. ft. SU/SH Series Benchtop
TSE-12-A -65 to 200°C
(-85 to 392°F)
0.4 cu. ft. TSE-12-A

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