In 2016, Qualmark, the North American leader in accelerated test equipment merged with global industry leader ESPEC. The resulting partnership has allowed ESPEC North America to offer the highest quality HALT HASS, HAST and Environmental testing equipment in the industry.


A Legacy of Leadership

For over 30 years, Qualmark has been a North American industry leader in HALT and HASS testing systems, equipment, and services. Founded in 1991 in Denver, Colorado, Qualmark established itself in the field of accelerated stress testing equipment by developing and patenting high-performance HALT HASS technologies.

After designing and releasing modern HALT technologies throughout the 1990s, we designed our first patented Typhoon models in the early 2000s. The patents of several additional high-quality HALT HASS testing chambers followed. Among these included our QFusion in 2010, which is the first and only HASS-dedicated chamber, as well as the HawQ in 2014, the industry’s smallest and first portable HALT chamber.


Mergers & Acquisitions

With a strong presence for designing and providing high-quality HALT HASS equipment, we continued our brand expansion in 2005 by acquiring a number of rival companies. Among these acquisitions included ACQ Dynamics and Ling Electronics, two suppliers of ED shakers and vibration testing equipment. In 2015, Qualmark acquired the HALT HASS assets of Chart Chambers, launching the REAL Chambers Company and product line.

After more than 25 years becoming North America’s leader in HALT HASS test equipment, in 2016 Qualmark was acquired by ESPEC Corp. Headquartered in Kobe, Japan.

Founded in 1947, ESPEC Corp. has been a global market leader in manufacturing scientific instruments and environmental testing chambers. ESPEC provides worldwide operations, with daughter corporations in North America, China, Germany, and Thailand.

Although acquired by ESPEC Corp, Qualmark remained a wholly owned subsidiary, eventually merging with ESPEC North America Inc, and becoming a product line of ENA in 2018. Qualmark’s HALT type test chambers are new to ESPEC, and continue to be distributed worldwide from Denver, Colorado.


Global Leaders of HALT HASS Technologies

The merger between Qualmark and ESPEC was immediately beneficial for both companies and the industry as a whole. Combining Qualmark’s high-quality products with the cutting-edge technology and global reach offered by ESPEC paved the way for higher quality products than ever before. The first hybrid HALT chamber EQ model combining ESPEC’s non-nitrogen mechanical refrigeration and Qualmark-patented repetitive shock vibration was launched in 2019. New hybrid models continue to be developed and launched.

In 2020, Qualmark was officially rebranded and launched as ESPEC’s exclusive Reliability Test Technology product line. The merger has allowed Qualmark’s industry leading quality products to be offered with a brand new, globally recognized identity.

Thanks to the expanded product portfolio, ESPEC North America is now able to offer customers a complete testing solution perspective. This encompasses the full product life cycle, from early design through end-of-life.

Sales, support, and service are encompassed in one group, meaning that ENA customers do not need to maintain separate communications channels with two separate companies in order to have access to our full line of ESPEC resources.

At ESPEC, quality is more than a word. Combining the quality and strength of both the ESPEC and Qualmark brands provides environmental testing and reliability engineering communities access to the broadest portfolio of chambers, services, and labs in the world. With over 1500 HALT and HASS systems in over 33 countries, global manufacturers worldwide rely on ESPEC North America products for testing equipment in the Automotive, Electronic, defense, Avionic, and a variety of other industries. Combining quality and innovation with global presence and resources, ESPEC North America has grown to become the most qualified company in the world to help our customers develop more profitable products, reduce warranty costs, enable faster development cycles, and increase overall customer satisfaction. For additional information about ESPEC North America’s products, company and more, please reach out to us today.

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