Fusing Mechanical Refrigeration and Repetitive-Shock Technologies

This new Qualmark HALT system with ESPEC cascade refrigeration eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen (LN2), making basic HALT testing possible for customers and locations where traditional HALT systems just aren’t feasible. Whether LN2 is too difficult or costly to attain and maintain, or just not possible, this is your answer. Likewise, this new system serves customers who want to save on LN2 by just using it as a boost during rapid thermal ramps, but can let the refrigeration take over for soak steps. 

The Qualmark random shock/vibration table completes the system to create a combined environment needed for full HALT testing. This is a robust system brings together the proven, quality technologies from ESPEC and Qualmark product lines.

See this video on our Non-Nitrogen HALT system!

Features for Non-Nitrogen HALT Systems

xLF2 Vibration Table Features:

  • Patented repetitive-shock, 6 DoF, vibration table
  • Simultaneous excitation at multiple frequencies for testing complex assemblies
  • PSD Management for easy maintenance

ESPEC’s P-300 Programmer/Controller:

  • User-friendly touch-screen operation with 6.5" active-matrix color display (web demo)
  • Three different constant mode settings can be saved for single-setting operation
  • Store 40 programs, with up to 99 steps each (upload/download via USB)
  • Adjustable trend-graph display with data download via USB
  • Two time signal relays for automated on/off control of test devices/samples
  • Pattern Manager Lite PC software for program editing and datalog viewing/exporting, to support USB functionality
  • Product temperature control for improved temperature cycling rates and performance
  • ESPEC Web Controller included for effective access to temperature and vibration data

Chamber Design Features:

  • Stainless steel interior construction with rounded corners
  • Stainless steel exterior with console on the front door
  • Unique thermal break doorframe limits risk of exterior frosting
  • Standard window with thin-film heaters and LED lighting
  • One 4" diameter cable port centered in the left hand wall with two flexible plugs
  • Casters with adjustable feet for leveling unit

Operational Features:

  • Three levels of overheat protection ensure safety, including an independent, user-set over/under limit
  • Specimen relay for interlocking external devices to chamber power for safety
  • Excellent serviceability through hinged doors and removable panels
  • Main power circuit breaker with lockout feature
  • ETL listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A (optional CE mark for Europe)
  • Dry air purge to reduce moisture inside the chamber
  • Emergency stop switch

Refrigeration Features:

  • High performance, reliable Copeland Scroll compressors (models without 'L' suffix are Discus type)
  • New WRTC control method improves temperature ramping and increases energy efficiency
  • Electronic expansion valve modulates refrigeration according to cooling demand

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Qualmark - Reliability Test Technology

Photo of Non-Nitrogen HALT
HALT testing capability without liquid nitrogen

Product Suggestions
Qualmark HALT/HASS Systems
Model Number Vibration Table Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate
Repetitive Shock
EQGNZ27-12NWL2.5 Table size: 30" x 30" (762 x 762mm); 8 actuators 27 cu. ft. -70 to 180°C No up to 12°C/min. Vibration Acceleration: 5 - 75 gRMS (bare table)
EQGNZ27-15NW2.5 Table size: 30" x 30" (762 x 762mm); 8 actuators 27 cu. ft. -70 to 180°C No up to 15°C/min. Vibration Acceleration: 5 - 75 gRMS (bare table)
EQZ4-3NAL1.5 Table size: 18" x 18" (457 x 457mm); 4 actuators 4.1 cu. ft. -70 to 180°C No up to 9°C/min. Vibration Acceleration: 5 - 60 gRMS (bare table)
EQGNZ27-6NAL2.5 Table size: 30" x 30" (762 x 762mm); 8 actuators 27 cu. ft. -70 to 180°C No up to 8°C/min. Vibration Acceleration: 5 - 75 gRMS (bare table)

      Click model number for details, including metric & english units.

Get improved performance, energy savings, plus USB access

New P-300 controller with USB

The exclusive ESPEC P-300 controller has USB and Ethernet features to make programming and data collection easier than before. The user interface uses tabs for faster access to any screen. Standard USB and optional Web Controller/Ethernet interfaces make programming and data acquisition much simpler. In addition, improved algorithms make operation faster and smoother.

DEMO: See how easy the P-300 is

USB port for upload/download of test profiles and test data

  • Test programs can uploaded or downloaded from the P-300 via USB thumb drive.
  • Create, edit, and store programs on a PC using the included Pattern Manager Lite software.
  • Accurate, repeatable testing by uploading the same program to multiple chambers.
  • Create your own back-up archive of programs, and get additional profiles from ESPEC's library.
  • Retrieve and download test operation data via USB thumb drive. Data timeframe is selectable.
  • For integrity, viewing test data on a PC and exporting to Excel requires included Pattern Manager Lite software.

Energy-saving operation

Invisible to the end user, the P-300 uses advanced cooling control via an electronic expansion valve, saving energy and improving temperature stability. Sophisticated future-looking algorithms make temperature ramping faster and smoother. These high-end features are unique to ESPEC. Additional improvements in refrigeration and heater operation will make the next generation of ESPEC chambers the most energy efficient ever.

Additional capabilities

  • Store up to forty programs, as well as three different constant-mode set-ups.
  • Multilingual display in English, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.
  • Alarm diagnostics and history, plus a ‘back trace’ feature for troubleshooting.
  • Three programmable timers allow the user to set reminders for maintenance or other actions.
  • Energy saving by using only one compressor when testing above -10°C (for cascade refrigeration models).
  • Optional Ethernet/browser-based Web Controller access can also be used to upload and download programs, as well as data.
  • Optional Product Temperature Control allows faster ramping to the desired conditions on the sample.
  • Computer interface options for specialized programs: RS-232/serial or GP-IB.

P-300 Specification

Specification Features

Color touch-screen, 6.5 inch diagonal, 640x480 resolution
Multilingual display in English, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean

Control Method

PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative)
plus WRTC (Window Reference Trajectory Control)


Standard: USB External Memory port
Optional: RS-232, RS-485, GP-IB, Ethernet

Operating Modes
(as indicated in upper left of the display)

STOP: chamber off, programmer on
PGM: RUN runs selected test profile
CONSTANT: runs at set value continually

Program Capacity

40 programs, 99 steps per program

Programming Capabilities

Create or copy programs
Upload and download of programs via USB
Copy, edit, insert, and delete steps
Two nested loops to repeat steps 999 times
Selectable end-of-test modes
Create pause steps within programs
Soak control delays timer until setpoint is reached

Additional Functions

Alarm report lists last 1000 alarms and time occurred
Time signal relay control (with naming capability)
High/low limit alarm functions
Audible alarm with on-screen explanation
Selectable restart modes after power failure
Automatic start and stop functions
Keylock protection and configuration lock-out
Service guide and help screens
Three settable reminder alarms for PM
Running time meter is integral
RoHS directive lead-free compliant

Pattern Manager Lite Software

Allows creation, editing, and archive storage of test profiles on a PC
Test profiles may be uploaded and downloaded to P-300
Allows viewing and graphing of chamber operation data downloaded via USB
Operation data may be exported to CSV for use with Excel or other programs

Software Options

Learn more about ways to access ESPEC controllers via software our support page:
Software for P-300

Recommended: Web Controller

The ESPEC Web Controller is an embedded server/software solution for monitoring and programming your chamber via Ethernet. Works with P-300, SCP-220, F4T, & F4 controllers.

See the brochure
Self-install kit for existing units
Try the live demo now!

Independent of the controller itself, the Web Controller adds additional capabilities for datalogging, programming, alarm emails, and RESTful API.

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