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Qualmark HALT Systems

Qualmark Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) testing systems combine extreme temperature cycling and repetitive shock vibration for the ultimate performance and total cost of ownership in accelerated reliability testing.

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Beginning in the early 1990s, Qualmark introduced the technology to manufacture and become the global market leader in HALT chambers. Today, ESPEC technology continues to reflect the best advances in HALT/HASS system testing by providing the extreme stresses necessary to rapidly find design flaws missed by traditional test methods. Additionally, ESPEC test chamber models are the most energy-efficient on the market.

The table delivers six degrees of freedom, including random broadband excitation (10 Hz to above 5,000Hz) with a consistent power spectral density profile that eliminates “picket fencing.” The thermal chamber’s conditioning system features vacuum-jacketed liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling and nichrome wire heating, allowing for ramp rates of 60-100˚C per minute.

Standard Features

  • High Rate, High Flow Typhoon Thermal System
  • xLF2 Vibration Table with PSD Management
  • Vacuum Jacketed Manifold
  • Allen-Bradley PLC Control
  • Windows 10 system with Labview operation and PLC-based controls
  • Typhoon Manager Software
  • Wall Panel Access Port Option

Safety Measures, Education and Training

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless ...

ESPEC’s initiatives go beyond simply identifying and providing the best testing HALT-HASS solutions for your needs. Our goal is to provide a total package of tools and materials for your long-term success, efficiency, safety, and technology know-how. Additionally, we continually work to provide a safe and streamlined working environment in facilities.

On a global scale, ESPEC partners with international leaders AirLiquide and Acme Cryogenics to help us deliver our LN2 Total System Solution. In North America, we work with each domestic sector, Airgas and Midwest Cryogenics, respectively. Delivering on our goal for safety and efficiency is made possible with the help of our steady and dependable supply partners.

ESPEC Knowledge & Training:

The objective of ESPEC’s Solutions Group is to add to the value derived from accelerated testing by tailoring training services to deliver customer-specific program optimization. The educational value of the Solutions Group can dramatically improve reliability program outcomes that will quickly drive increases in product profitability. Educating and preparing your team for HALT and HASS carries its return on investment in the overall quality and reliability of your products.

Collectively, we work with our partners at Airgas and Acme Cryogenics to deliver an accurate, and optimally designed safety system specific for your chamber, testing, and facility. Our goal is to keep a streamlined process that allows our customers to identify the appropriate O2 monitor, E-stop, and other measures to ensure your team and company are operating in as safe an environment as possible.

Airgas - LN2 Infrastructure, Supply, Safety & PPE

Airgas is a leading supplier of industrial gases. In addition to LN2, they provide gas delivery equipment systems and safety products such as PPE supplies. With a large national footprint including production facilities throughout the U.S. and gases in any supply mode, you can depend on Airgas for a continuous and reliable supply of bulk LN2 to meet your needs.

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Airgas has a network of experts including bulk gas specialists to help assess your current gas and delivery processes, and to identify areas to improve your delivery system to meet your specific HALT/HASS requirements. Airgas QSSP- and OSHA 30-certified safety specialists are available to help assess safety risks and recommend the appropriate products for your team.

Together, Airgas and ESPEC work to optimize your total system including gas, installation and ongoing operations, to ensure we deliver the most efficient and reliable solutions available in the HALT industry.

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Midwest Cryogenics - VJ Piping

Midwest Cryogenics has long partnered with Qualmark HALT and HASS technology and have an intimate familiarity with the technology, demands of testing, and how to add acute efficiency to your overall system with the best piping logistics and products.

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Midwest Cryogenics provides ESPEC with materials that allow for safe, reliable and cost-effective piping solutions for transferring LN2 in our facilities with the use of Vacuum Jacketed Piping (VJP). VJP is the preferred piping solution as it is the safest and most cost-effective way to transfer cryogenic liquids and LN2.

Each VJP project is managed by both an ESPEC agent and a Midwest Cryogenics sales engineer specially trained in ASME B31.3 pipe design, cryogenic safety and VJP project management. Their nationwide field service team works to ensure that installation, preventative maintenance, and repair of the VJP system is seamless and easily coordinated through your one ESPEC point of contact. Midwest Cryogenics brings the technical expertise full circle with ESPEC’s Qualmark HALT technology and services working in tandem with Airgas’ premium LN2 supply, storage, and delivery.

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