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ESPEC brings all the speed of our HALT chambers to applications where repetitive-shock vibration is not needed. These liquid nitrogen-cooled chambers can change temperature up to 100°C/minute.

A single chamber with extremely fast cycling and product recovery times expands the possibilities of traditional thermal shock testing to larger products and more extreme stress. These chambers may also be used to supplement HALT testing programs by dedicating one system to thermal profiling.

Features for Extreme Thermal Cycling Chambers

Cooling System

  • Vacuum Jacketed (VJ) liquid nitrogen (LN2) valves and manifold.
  • Proportional control and valve system for maximum LN2 efficiency and consistent temperature control, while reducing two-phase (gas/liquid) states that cause problems in traditional on/off solenoid-based control. (Proportional manifold optional on 2.0 models.)
  • VJ eliminates condensation, dripping water, OSHA safety concerns, and energy loss compared to other insulation methods.
  • Efficient, economical LN2 usage with either low-pressure Dewar tanks or higher pressure Permacyl and bulk tank systems.

Chamber Design

  • Stainless steel interior, painted exterior with two full opening doors (one door on 2.0 models)
  • Nichrome wire heating built into an overhead plenum
  • High-velocity airflow for improved product temperature change rates.
  • Adjustable feet for leveling unit (stand options for 2.5/3.0 models)

Control System

  • Allen-Bradley PLC controller
  • Desktop PC with flat panel monitor
  • Typhoon Manager Software
  • Four additional thermocouple input channels available
  • Eight user state relays (USR)

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Photo of Extreme Thermal Cycling
Liquid nitrogen cooled for super-fast cycling

Model Number Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Change Rate
EXT2.0 27" x 27" x 29" 12 cu. ft. -100 to 200°C up to 70°C/min.
EXT2.5 35" x 35" x 46" 32 cu. ft. -100 to 200 or 250°C up to 70-100°C/min. 250°C high temp optional
EXT3.0 44" x 45" x 46" 52 cu. ft. -100 to 200°C up to 70°C/min.
EXT4.0 53" x 54" x 68" 112 cu. ft. -100 to 200 or 250°C up to 70°C/min. 250°C high temp optional
EXT8.0 53.8" x 108.7" x 68" 224 cu. ft. -100 to 200°C up to 70-100°C/min.

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