Get replacement humidity wicks for your ESPEC chamber.

A wet-bulb wick is needed to run humidity tests. If there is one already in place, check whether it is
wet or dry before starting. If dry, change it.

To see a video of a wick installation (youtube) click here. 


  • Bacteria adhering to the wet-bulb wick can proliferate during tests and block water
    supply. Wash hands with soap and water before handling the wick.
  • Make sure the tail end of the wet-bulb wick is aligned with the tip of the wet-bulb temperature sensor. Humidity control can be destabilized if the sensor is overly exposed or it the sensor is out of position.
  • Lay the bottom of the wet-bulb wick in the trough of the wick pan.
  • Remove the wet-bulb wick for temperature-only tests, especially if running the chamber above room temperature. When the wick dries out from heating, it becomes harder for it to absorb water for the next humidity test.

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Part # Picture Description For models with
Model# prefix
25210206 FW-1A (WG-101)
Benchtop chamber wicks, BT and SH series, all years (24/pkg)
BT, SH All
6ACK0003 FW-2E (WG-102)
Platinous A and G series (made in USA), standard humidity range (24/pkg)
PLA, PXA, PRA, EN, EW 1989-2005
6ACK0017 FW-3E (WG-103)
All chambers made in USA, 2005-2011, standard humidity range (24/pkg)
ES, EGN, EN, EW, ET 2005-2016
100281 FW-4H (WG-104)
Platinous H series, original wick arm design
EP 2011-2016
6ACK0022 FW-5 (WG-105)
All chambers made in USA with redesigned wick arm, starting 2016
EP, EW, EGN, EN 2016-present
Platinous, all series/years (made in USA), low humidity range (24/pkg)
PLA, PXA, PRA, EP, ESAll with low humidity system
100343HAST chamber wicks, all models/years (50/pkg)EHS, TPCAll

ESPEC also has 'shoestring' wick material for general use.

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