Panelized Walk-in Chambers

Panelized chamber is assembled on-site for large testing applciations.

  • High-quality insulated panel system to build the chamber size you need
  • Heat/cooling/humidity system sized to your application.
  • Wide selection of optional features
See Panelized Walk-ins
Solid Walk-in Chambers

One-piece chamber construction for durability for extreme testing

  • High temperature range to 150°C
  • Suitable for change rates greater than 10°C/min.
  • Includes full-opening doors for easier loading
  • Built with the size and features you need
See Solid Walk-ins
EN112 Compact Walk-in Chambers

Compact walk-in chambers for testing full-size solar panels or other large products. 4’x4’x7’ or larger interiors.

Learn about Compact Walk-ins
Stability Walk-in Chambers

Panelized walk-in chambers especially designed for steady-state operation at one setting.

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Drive-In Chambers

ESPEC customizes each drive-in to include features to suit the simulation requirements.

  • Solid or panelized construction
  • Configurable for running vehicle testing
  • Dynamometer or Four-post road simulator integration
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