Criterion Benchtop Chambers

Nine different models, two chamber sizes

  • Large interiors: 1.5 or 4 cu. ft.
  • Temperature range: -20 or -70 to 180°C
  • Models with humidity: 10 to 95%
  • Space-saving vertical design
  • Your most economical choice
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SU/SH Series Benchtop Chambers

Premium features for the ultimate in testing flexibility

  • Two sizes: 0.8 & 2.2 cubic feet
  • Temp range of up to -60 to 150°C
  • Humidity models with 30 to 95%RH
  • USB and Ethernet standard
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Compact Temperature Cycling Chamber

New model BTZ-4200 with fast 15°C/min. change rate

  • Wide temperature range: -70 to 180°C
  • Compact design based on our 4 cu. ft. benchtop models
  • Fits thru doors, requires no cooling water or LN2
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MC Series Ultra-cold Chambers

Two models, one size: 2.2 cubic feet

  • Ultra-cold temperature range to -75 or -85°C
  • High temperature to 100 or 180°C
  • Floor-standing design
  • Touch-screen programmer with USB
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