ESPEC Test Centers (previously Qualmark) provide exclusive testing services on HALT systems at locations around the world. These labs are staffed by trained, highly skilled HALT and HASS experts focused on providing results, not just reports.


HALT Lab with Typhoon 3.0

etting into our lab is the best way to quickly find problems with your new product, and learn if HALT is a viable test method for an ongoing testing regime.

Testing Services

By subjecting products to the forces delivered by six degrees of freedom combined with very rapid temperature changes, Qualmark systems can accelerate time, saving weeks and months normally spent testing product by traditional methods. Qualmark’s team of experienced test personnel assists customers in conducting the best possible test. Services available:

  • HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test)
  • Production HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen)
  • Production HASA (Highly Accelerated Stress Audit)
  • Customer Defined Test Services

This testing may not strictly follow the accelerated life testing process as defined by classical HALT protocol; instead, it takes a more traditional and selective approach to environmental testing. Customers define and direct the testing process, using the temperature and/or vibration stresses available in accelerated life testing independently or in combination. Types of customer defined testing available:

  • Customer Directed Testing
  • Production Screening
  • Vibration or Thermal Only Testing
  • Thermal Cycling

ESPEC Accelerated Reliability Testing Centers ESPEC Qualmark HALT Labs in Asiaare testing laboratories available in the USA and Asia for exploring and expanding HALT/HASS programs. The Qualmark brand test chambers available allow exploration of HALT reliability testing methodolgy witnout making a commitment to equipment. The labs have experienced technicians that can support your testing from an initial evaluation or advanced stressing of your products.

ESPEC Reliability Testing Centers:

  • ESPEC Denver, Colorado
  • ESPEC Shanghai, China
  • ESPEC Osaka, Japan

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