Production Specific Accelerated Stress Test System

The Qualmark HASS System features six separate repetitive shock/vibration tables and rapid thermal cycling in an extremely efficient, quiet system with a small footprint. Its thermal performance can slash traditional burn-in times by half and can reduce utility costs by 40%.

The Qualmark HASS System delivers advanced process screening capabilities engineered specifically for performing HASS/HASA. A unique six-compartment configuration provides consistent stresses to all test positions. The high-speed airflow from the thermal system maintains uniformity while reducing the time to reach and stabilize at temperature. The QF Manager control software features an easy to understand user interface, cross-control connectivity via TCP/Ethernet, and closed-loop thermal and vibration control.

Next Generation Burn-In

The Qualmark HASS System has introduced the next generation of burn-in technology — accelerated burn-In. Its thermal performance can slash typical burn-In cycle times by half, and its ergonomic, multi-table configuration allows for fast loading/unloading. Additionally, Qualmark HASS System efficient burn-In technology can reduce utility costs by up to 40%-60%. The Qualmark HASS System provides dual capability in one system — accelerated stress testing and accelerated burn-In. 

Features for Qualmark HASS Systems
  • Six tables; workspace each: 27" x 19.2" x 11.3" (WxDxH)
  • Stainless steel interior construction
  • Painted exterior with two full opening doors
  • One viewing window per table
  • Access ports on back: two per table
  • Vacuum-jacketed manifold

Qualmark Control System:

  • Allen-Bradley PLC controller with PC/monitor
  • QF Manager Software
  • One accelerometer for table control
  • Three additional accelerometer input channels available
  • Two high temperature thermocouples with six foot cable: one for product, one for air
  • Four additional thermocouple input channels available
  • Eight user state relays (USR)
  • Status tower light

Qualmark Vibration Technology: 6DOF repetitive-shock table:

  • Six patented repetitive-shock, 6 DoF, vibration tables
  • Simultaneous excitation at multiple frequencies for testing complex assemblies
  • Per table: 12 threaded mounting holes

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Qualmark - Reliability Test Technology

Photo of Qualmark HASS
Highly Accelerated Stress Screening by Qualmark

Product Suggestions
Model Number Vibration Table Interior Volume Temperature Range Change Rate
Repetitive Shock
QFusion 300 Table size: 23.6" x 15.6" (599 x 396mm); 12 actuators 3.4 cu. ft. -60 to 120°C up to 60°C/min. Vibration Acceleration: 5 - 40 gRMS (bare table)

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