TSD-101-W Specifications
TSD-101-W TSD-101-W
Interior Volume 3.5 cu. ft.
100 Liters
Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
28" x 16" x 13.5"
710 x 410 x 345 mm
Exterior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
44" x 78" x 75"
1100 x 1970 x 1890 mm
Temperature Range -77 to 205°C
-105 to 400°F
Test Performance Example Test: Mil-Std 883 1010.7
Range: -65 to 150°C
Recovery: 15 min.( worst-case on -product)
Load: 22 lb of IC chips
Power 208V or 200/220, 380/415
Water-cooling Peak Demand
(ask for details)
Maximum Sound Level
(1 meter away)
65 dBA
Temperature Fluctuation
(at control sensor)
Refrigeration System Cascade 5hp Scroll
Notes Two-zone operation only
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TSD Thermal Shock PDF Catalog

More detail about this model at its product family page: TSD-101-W

TSD-101-W: TSD-101-W Features

  • A flexible cabling tube (for monitoring or powering samples) that comes out the side, rather than a moving pipe that sticks out the top.
  • A cool-down mode allows the operator to safely remove the samples quickly after a test is completed.
  • An option for a window makes checking on the samples easier.

Site requirements:

  • Main Power: North American standard 208V (alternate international power: 200V, 220V, 380V, or 415V)
  • Cooling water supply
  • Quiet operation with sound levels below 65dB

Available options:

  • Paperless recorder with color display and CompactFlash storage
  • Strip chart recorder
  • Computer interface (IEEE-488 or RS-232)
  • Viewing window
  • Additional STT thermocouple inputs
  • Additional flexible cable tube

More detail about this model at its product family page: TSD-101-W

Photo of TSD-101-W
Photo of TSD-101-W

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