EQZ4-3NAL1.5 Specifications
Non-Nitrogen HALT EQZ4-3NAL1.5
Interior Volume 4.1 cu. ft.
116 Liters
Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
21" x 21" x 16"
533 x 533 x 407 mm
Exterior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
53" x 35" x 76.5"
1338 x 894 x 1943 mm
Temperature Range -70 to 180°C
-94 to 356°F
Average Change Rate
(lower with 50Hz power)
9°C/min heating
8°C/min cooling
-45 to 155°C  
Repetitive Shock Vibration Acceleration: 5 - 60 gRMS (bare table)
Power 208/230V 1ph 60Hz 60A max
Heat-to-room Peak 35,000 BTU/Hr.
Maximum Sound Level
(1 meter away)
80 dBA
Temperature Fluctuation
(at control sensor)
Air Flow 400 CFM
Refrigeration - Type 3-hp Cascade Scroll
Notes Table size: 18" x 18" (457 x 457mm); 4 actuators
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Non-Nitrogen EQ HALT Brochure

More detail about this model at its product family page: Non-Nitrogen HALT

EQZ4-3NAL1.5: Non-Nitrogen HALT Features

xLF2 Vibration Table Features:

  • Patented repetitive-shock, 6 DoF, vibration table
  • Simultaneous excitation at multiple frequencies for testing complex assemblies
  • PSD Management for easy maintenance

ESPEC’s P-300 Programmer/Controller:

  • User-friendly touch-screen operation with 6.5" active-matrix color display (web demo)
  • Three different constant mode settings can be saved for single-setting operation
  • Store 40 programs, with up to 99 steps each (upload/download via USB)
  • Adjustable trend-graph display with data download via USB
  • Two time signal relays for automated on/off control of test devices/samples
  • Pattern Manager Lite PC software for program editing and datalog viewing/exporting, to support USB functionality
  • Product temperature control for improved temperature cycling rates and performance
  • ESPEC Web Controller included for effective access to temperature and vibration data

Chamber Design Features:

  • Stainless steel interior construction with rounded corners
  • Stainless steel exterior with console on the front door
  • Unique thermal break doorframe limits risk of exterior frosting
  • Standard window with thin-film heaters and LED lighting
  • One 4" diameter cable port centered in the left hand wall with two flexible plugs
  • Casters with adjustable feet for leveling unit

Operational Features:

  • Three levels of overheat protection ensure safety, including an independent, user-set over/under limit
  • Specimen relay for interlocking external devices to chamber power for safety
  • Excellent serviceability through hinged doors and removable panels
  • Main power circuit breaker with lockout feature
  • ETL listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A (optional CE mark for Europe)
  • Dry air purge to reduce moisture inside the chamber
  • Emergency stop switch

Refrigeration Features:

  • High performance, reliable Copeland Scroll compressors (models without 'L' suffix are Discus type)
  • New WRTC control method improves temperature ramping and increases energy efficiency
  • Electronic expansion valve modulates refrigeration according to cooling demand

More detail about this model at its product family page: Non-Nitrogen HALT

Photo of EQZ4-3NAL1.5
Photo of EQZ4-3NAL1.5

Photos are for reference only, and may show optional features. Please contact ESPEC for detailed information and pricing.

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