Stability walk-in rooms are an ESPEC North America specialty, designed for light-duty testing or long-term steady-state evaluation of pharmaceuticals and other products.

Panelized Chamber/Room

Our panelized walk-in chambers use urethane-foam panels in a stainless steel or galvanized interior skin. The panels are locked together with internal cam latches. This is the same construction used for walk-in coolers in restaurants and supermarkets, but of a higher quality.

Temperature and Humidity Control

ESPEC has standard air conditioning systems, called Modular Air Plenums (MAP). These MAPs are designed with the proper heating, refrigeration, and humidity control to achieve your desired performance and capabilities. The MAP simply rolls-up to an assembled panel chamber to complete installation.

Features for Stability Walk-in Chambers
  • Watlow EZ-ZONE PID controller
  • Stainless steel interior (or galvanized for savings)
  • Painted galvanized steel exterior for long life
  • Service doors are hinged (no tools or lifting)
  • Easy access to components
  • Reliable steam generator system for humidity applications
  • Sheathed electric heaters for safety and reliability
  • Adjustable vanes in supply grille allow directing of airflow as needed

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Photo of Stability Walk-in
Especially designed for steady-state operation

Product Suggestions
Model Number Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Humidity Control Change Rate
ESPB355 61" x 107" x 94" 355 cu. ft. (-10 or 10) to 85°C Optional up to <1°C/min.
ESPB489 84" x 107" x 94" 499 cu. ft. (-10 or 10) to 85°C Optional up to <1°C/min.
ESPB623 107" x 107" x 94" 634 cu. ft. (-10 or 10) to 85°C Optional up to <1°C/min.
ESPB757 107" x 130" x 94" 770 cu. ft. (-10 or 10) to 85°C Optional up to <1°C/min.
ESPB891 107" x 153" x 94" 904 cu. ft. (-10 or 10) to 85°C Optional up to <1°C/min.
ESPB1024 107" x 176" x 94" 1040 cu. ft. (-10 or 10) to 85°C Optional up to <1°C/min.

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