Moving-in my new chamber

Test chambers can be surprisingly large. Don't be surprised when yours is on your loading dock. Plan ahead! Here are questions to consider:

For smaller, standard test chambers:

Does your facility have a loading dock? If not, a "drop-gate" delivery truck will be able to bring the unit to ground level. You need to request this type of delivery ahead of time.

Does your company have a forklift? A pallet-jack is not enough because it cannot help you get the equipment off the skid. Don't assume that a unit that has casters will not need a forklift. ESPEC ships units with casters on skids, as they may otherwise roll in the truck (or just rub against something else) and get damaged.

Measure all doorways the unit will need to go through and compare against the specified size. Assume that the unit's skid will add 6 inches to the height and 6-12 inches to the width and depth.

Don't plan on tipping the unit in order to get it past a low doorway. The system's shell may get damaged, and so may the refrigeration system. Some units have blower motors or other equipment on the top that may be stripped off if height is a problem.

For larger test chambers

Decide if the system won't fit before you order. Larger systems can be built in multiple sections, but will typically cost more. Reconnecting wiring and piping makes the system more expensive for the vendor to install. You may find it cheaper to hire a carpenter to remove a door and part of a wall temporarily. In some instances a crane may have to be implemented to aid in the move in of our over-sized equipment.

Start from your loading dock and measure every obstruction or doorway until you get to the final installation site. Don't rely on a salesperson looking over your installation area to be a sufficient check, unless he has a tape measure and is writing down measurements. Check the route one more time before you get the equipment to ensure that nothing has changed.

Insist on a design drawing soon after you have ordered the equipment. Dimensions may change slightly from what was originally quoted. Review design drawings closely. Don't assume that because a seam is shown that the system can or will be split there.

When unsure, please ask your supplier. Test chambers are as different as the buildings they go in. Every situation is unique and worth the time to ensure there are no surprises.