Testing standards for Thermal Shock

Following are links to the most popular thermal shock testing standards in use today.

EIA, Electronics Industries Association

EIA’s JEDEC Solid State Products Engineering Council has many published specifications for environmental testing. The JESD22 group of specifications include temperature/humidity, thermal shock, and HAST. You must register, but the standards are free!

  • The air-to-air thermal shock test is JESD22-A104D “Temperature Cycling”
  • The liquid-to-liquid thermal shock test is JESD22-A106B “Thermal Shock”

Mil-Std 883:

The electronics industry has used this Military Standard 883 as theirs. It is what the JEDEC spec listed above is based on. This page offers the entire text of the standard in Adobe Acrobat format, but you don’t need the whole thing. (Note: Current version is “883J Method 1010.8”. Previous versions 883C, 883D, 883E, 883F, 883G, 883H are the same basic standard, which was numbered 1010.6 and 1010.7.)

  • Download the 1000 section (covers test method) Print out pages 33-35 to get Method 1010.8 “Temperature Cycling” for air-to-air thermal shock
  • Print out pages 37-39 to get Method 1011.9 “Thermal Shock” for liquid-to-liquid thermal shock

Mil-Std 202G:

Another thermal shock method is part of Military Standard 202. Once again, you don’t need the whole specification, just a few pages.

  • Scroll down till you find Method 107 “Thermal Shock” for air-to-air and liquid-to-liquid thermal shock methods

Technology Report Downloads:

Our Technology Reports cover thermal shock testing as part of a general review of testing methods, as well as specific articles. These are in the Adobe Acrobat format.

Issue #3 (pdf link)

  • Understanding the Technology
    • Thermal shock testing
    • Current trends and example
  • Report 1: Confirming reliability of printed circuit boards with temperature cycle and thermal shock
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