Telcordia (Bellcore) Testing Standards

ESPEC specializes in temperature and humidity test chambers that are needed to do the required tests of Telcordia Generic Requirements (GR) for reliability of telecommunications equipment. Platinous series models can fit many tests that you may be required to do. We also have many small benchtop chambers that are suitable for some of these tests, saving space and money.

Click on the links below to learn more about each test standard and our applicable models. Each GR-CORE standard may require multiple chambers (and other testing equipment), as some tests require specialized equipment. To be sure to get the right equipment, be prepared with the following information when contacting us

  • Telcordia standard and paragraph number you are testing to
  • Approximate size and weight of your test load
  • Heat your test load will generate, if it is going to be powered during test
  • Additional detail, such as specific considerations your product may need and variations allowed for your test.

Telcordia Test Requirements:
GR-49-CORE For outdoor network interface devices
GR-63-CORE For network switching systems (NEBS)
GR-326-CORE For fiber optic connectors
GR-468-CORE For optoelectronic systems
GR-487-CORE For enclosures
GR-1209-CORE For passive fiber optic components
GR-1221-CORE For passive fiber optic component reliability