GR-1221-CORE for passive fiber optic component reliability

To meet this test standard, you will need to invest in multiple chambers. Buying ovens and freezers to do the long term storage tests will free-up your test chambers for the more complex tests. You will need an insertion / return loss test system to go along with our chamber to do these tests. We recommend the Optical Component Environmental Test System from JDS Uniphase. It is ready to work with an ESPEC environmental chamber, making the perfect optical components environmental test system for long term testing to Telcordia (Bellcore) standards GR-326, 1209, 1221.

Paragraph Title Description Benchtop Models Reach-in Models Other Models
6.2.3 Thermal Shock Test Liquid thermal shock, 0 to 100°C TSB
6.2.4 High Temperature Storage Test (dry heat) 85°C Any benchtop, PH or PV ovens Any Platinous or Platinum Walk-in
6.2.5 High Temperature Storage Test (damp heat) 85°C/85% Any humidity model Any Platinous or Platinum Walk-in
6.2.6 Low Temperature Storage Test -40°C Criterion, SU-261, or SU-661 Any Platinous or Platinum Freezer
6.2.7 Temperature Cycling Test -40 to 70°C Air thermal shock (Mil-Std 883, method 1010) TSE-12 TSA or ETS
6.2.8 Cyclic Moisture Resistance Test 25 to 75°C cycling with 85-95%RH. One -40°C cycle per 5 sub-cycles
(Mil-Std 883, method 1004)
Any humidity model with -40 capability Any Platinous or Platinum Walk-in