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Getting a Small Testing Chamber

ESPEC has the widest variety of small test chambers, including the smallest humidity chamber in the market. Save lab space and money with just the right chamber for your testing requirements. ESPEC offers standard and custom of these smaller testing chambers.

These include the Benchtop series:

  • Criterion is ESPECs most economical choice with sizes ranging from 1.4 or 4 cubic feet.
  • SU/SH is our premium series with the smallest models with sizes ranging from 0.8 and 2.2 cubic feet.
  • Compact Temperature Cycling has the model of the BTZ-4200, with the overall footprint being just 31” x 45”, is based on our space-saving Criterion Benchtop series.
  • MC Ultra Cold has two models, one size: 2.2 cubic feet and with a Ultra-cold temperature range to -75 or -85°C.

Specific Benchtop series are available in ESPECs Quick Ship and Rental list.