Solar Photovoltaic Testing Chambers

Click here to get this GuideESPEC is offering a Solar Application Guide, which reviews the IEC and UL test specifications for silicon crystal and thin-film PV modules. The Guide will review the tests, and help explain technical issues in compliance, and creating a testing plan.

In this Guide you will learn:

  • How to cut the test time for temperature cycling almost a month.
  • Differences between the UL and IEC tests
  • An inexpensive chamber option that will pay you back quickly.

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Chambers for IEC 61215, 61646, & UL-1703 environmental tests

Click for larger view of chamber testing solar panelsESPEC sells temperature and humidity cycling test chambers suited for testing photovoltaic modules to ensure compliance with IEC 61215 and 61646, and other test standards.

See our Solar Panel Testing Chambers specifically designed to fit PV modules and meet IEC tests

Model types include:

Applicable IEC 61215 & 61646 test methods:

  • 10.11 Thermal Cycling Test — Cycling between 85°C and -40°C at 100°C/hour maximum
  • 10.12 Humidity-Freeze Test — Cycling between 85°C / 85%RH and -40°C
  • 10.13 Damp Heat Test — 85°C/85%RH for 1000 hours

Other environmental test methods for photovoltaic solar panels

  • IEC 62108 for concentrator photovoltaic assemblies (International Electrotechnical Commission) — Similar tests as IEC-61215
  • JIS C-8990, C-8991, C-8917, C-8938 (Japanese Industrial Standard) — Similar tests as IEC-61215
  • UL-1703 for flat-plate photovoltaic modules (Underwriter’s Laboratories)