T4.0+ Inferno Specifications
Qualmark HALT T4.0+ Inferno
Interior Volume 90.1 cu. ft.
2551.8 Liters
Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
53.8" x 54" x 53.6"
1366 x 1371 x 1361 mm
Exterior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
69.8" x 78.3" x 108.4"
1772 x 1988 x 2753 mm
Temperature Range -100 to 250°C
-148 to 482°F
Average Change Rate
(lower with 50Hz power)
Repetitive Shock Vibration Acceleration: 5 - 75 gRMS (bare table)
Power 480V 125A max
Maximum Sound Level
(1 meter away)
73 dBA at 50 gRMS dBA
Notes Table size: 48" x 48" (1220 x 1220mm);
12 actuators
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More detail about this model at its product family page: Qualmark HALT

T4.0+ Inferno: Qualmark HALT Features

Qualmark Vibration Technology: 6DOF repetitive-shock table

  • Simultaneous excitation at multiple frequencies for testing complex assemblies
  • Patented pneumatic hammer/table design is lubrication-free and valveless
  • Quiet operation without external cooling requirements
  • The table is field-adjustable for resetting to original PSD levels, ensuring consistent performance. (Adjustment included in our preventative maintenance agreement.)

Cooling System

  • Vacuum Jacketed (VJ) liquid nitrogen (LN2) valves and manifold.
  • Proportional control and valve system for maximum LN2 efficiency and consistent temperature control, while reducing two-phase (gas/liquid) states that cause problems in traditional on/off solenoid-based control. (Proportional manifold optional on T1.5/2.0 models.)
  • VJ eliminates condensation, dripping water, OSHA safety concerns, and energy loss compared to other insulation methods.
  • Efficient, economical LN2 usage with either low-pressure Dewar tanks or higher pressure Permacyl and bulk tank systems.

Chamber Design

  • Stainless steel interior, painted exterior, with two full opening doors (one door on T1.5/2.0 models)
  • High-velocity airflow for improved product temperature change rates.
  • Two-position table for flexibility to test taller samples, improved ergonomics, and less LN2/electricity usage for smaller test items. (except T1.5/2.0)
  • Advanced chamber insulation combined with our low-noise hammers results in very quiet operation, even at maximum vibration levels.
  • Adjustable feet for leveling unit (stand options for T2.5/3.0 models)

Control System

  • Windows 10 system with Labview based operation and PLC-based controls
  • Programming, operation, and datalogging for vibration/thermal profiles.
  • One accelerometer for table control (three additional inputs available)
  • Two thermocouples: one for product, one for air (four additional inputs available)
  • Eight event relays for external controls
  • Optional Q-Link or Qualview software tools for ATE integration and other remote connections.
  • Optional integrated spectrum analyzers and data acquisition systems.

More detail about this model at its product family page: Qualmark HALT

Photo of T4.0+ Inferno
Photo of T4.0+ Inferno

Photos are for reference only, and may show optional features. Please contact ESPEC for detailed information and pricing.

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