Webinar: ESPEC and TestEquity Present the FIRST Portable Rapid Testing System - HawQ

ESPEC, in partnership with TestEquity, invites you to join our FREE online event that will introduce you to the newest Rapid Testing System in the ESPEC portfolio. This portable unit is the first of its kind in the marketplace & is built on proven technology that will help you achieve robust, reliable product design in a fraction of the time of traditional testing methods. In the first part of the presentation, you will learn how HawQ preys on design weaknesses by soaring through thermal cycling tests with change rates of up to 40°C/min from -100° to + 200°C and allowing you to conduct Six Degree of Freedom Vibration testing at the quick, simple push of a button. This ultimate combined environment maximizes your test cycles performed in 24 hours, saving time, & time is MONEY! We’ll show you exactly how the features of this novel system will help meet all of your reliability & warranty reduction needs, mitigate the risk of counterfeit components, & more. We know you are held to a number of testing specifications & standards, so the second half of the presentation will dig in to the meat of how HawQ will not just help you satisfy, but exceed those requirements & why that is of utmost benefit & value to your products. In a time in which such governing standards like UL, IEC, SAE, MIL Handbook, & others are requiring more and more stringent testing, HawQ will more than just get you there.

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