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HALT is most beneficial early in the development process, so that product designs can be improved during the prototyping phases. The HawQ is an entry-level system that is quiet, vibration-isolated, and easy to use for lab environments.

The HawQ exposes failure points through thermal testing in a fraction of the time with change rates of 35°C/min from -100° to +200°C. The LN2 cooling can be used with dewar tanks, making the system easy to locate without dedicated LN2 systems. With Six Degree of Freedom repetitive shock/vibration at the simple push of a button and maximized thermal cycle performance, the HawQ creates the ultimate combined environment for reliability testing. 

"Through this process, we have improved first-pass success during subsequent MIL-STD-1540 qualification testing, reduced the number of problems once in production, and improved... performance. These results are vitally important to our profit bottom line, plus they improve customer and insurance provider confidence in our ability to introduce new technology successfully."
[White Paper by Brian Kosinski & Dennis Cronin, Space Systems/Loral]

Features for HawQ HALT Chamber
  • LN2 cooling system that can be used with cylinder tanks for portability
  • Includes casters for easy relocation
  • Multipane viewing window on a hinged lid
  • Access notches on each side
  • Patented repetitive-shock, 6 DoF, vibration table
  • Simultaneous excitation at multiple frequencies for testing complex assemblies
  • Easy-to-use with preset programs & remote monitoring
  • PLC Electronic Console with touch-screen display
  • One accelerometer for table control and cable

HawQ is a cost effective, portable HALT system

Model Number Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Interior Volume Temperature Range Change Rate
HawQ 19" x 16" x 10.5" 1.8 cu. ft. -100 to 200°C up to 35°C/min. Table size: 16" x 12" (832 x305mm); 2 actuators

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