HALT for Oil & Gas Exploration

Improve Reliability of Downhole Equipment

ESPEC Qualmark’s accelerated reliability test systems deliver the extreme environmental stresses needed to ruggedize equipment used in oil and gas exploration and downhole instrumentation. Sensitive electronics and sensors must withstand geothermal conditions up to, and sometimes beyond, 200ºC and still provide precise geosteering, accurate and dependable well logging, and real time downhole monitoring and valve control. Long life requirements, complex communication between high-performance components and high remediation costs demand Design for Reliability (DFR) approaches that can identify failure modes susceptible to hostile environments before deployment.

Accelerated Reliability Quickly Pinpoints Field Failure; Finds Latent Design Issue for New Device

Read ESPEC Qualmark’s Oil and Gas success story about how our ESPEC Solutions was able to quickly address a field failure and not only stem rising nonproductive time and warranty costs, but also proactively remedy a previously undetected issue with a new device on the cusp of deployment.
Unlike other high production volume electronics, devices engineered for oil and gas exploration require manual assembly that exposes these sophisticated instruments to an unusually high risk of variation. Not only does ESPEC Qualmark’s Accelerated Reliability technology expose design weaknesses, but it also addresses shifts in manufacturing process, catching marginal product before it gets shipped.

Accelerated Reliability Testing Prepares Devices for Hostile Environments

ESPEC Qualmark’s Inferno™ system provides the essential failure mode data critical for FMEA/FMECA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis/Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis) and FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System), indeed for the entire product reliability improvement process throughout the oil and gas industry’s supply chain.

Specifically engineered to accelerate design optimization of devices destined for harsh conditions, the Inferno can deliver a combination of rapid thermal cycling between +250°C to -100°C, RS (Repetitive Shock), multi-axis, 6 degrees of freedom vibration which will reveal latent defects missed by single axis, sequential testing or lengthy burn-in approaches.

ESPEC Qualmark’s technology has been deployed by companies highly respected in the oil and gas industry for their product reliability. Contact us to learn more about how ESPEC Qualmark can help accelerate the reliability improvement of your products.

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