Webinar: New Concepts in HALT Testing: Reliability Test Plan B

In the history of electrical engineering, failure prediction methodology based on Military Handbook 217 gained widespread acceptance as the basis for reliability engineering and design rules to insure reliability of electronic components. For a reference point in history, we call this ‘Reliability Test Plan A’. MIL-HDBK-217 is based mainly on the Arrhenius Equation which is misapplied as a dominant factor for most failure mechanisms.

This webinar presents a summary of what might be proposed as the “new school” of electronics reliability development based on operational boundaries or limits, the physics involved, and materials engineering, or collectively considered “Reliability Test Plan B“. This new school of reliability is not based on the theoretical “calculated” life of electronic components, but instead on empirical stress limits using HALT - mapping limits of stress combinations, the physical causes of those limits, and comparative analysis of the variable data from those limits to enable rapid reliability development.

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