Webinar: An Effective Method for Detecting Counterfeit and Marginal Components in the Supply Chain

Ask The Experts Webinar:

Counterfeit and marginal components have become an increasingly insidious and pervasive risk in the electronics supply chain. This leaves manufacturers at an extreme peril for system failures in the field, rising warranty costs, ongoing design challenges, and a potential PR nightmare. However, ESPEC’s HALT systems offer a solution that will help mitigate these hideous risks. In this webinar, the Expert presents a quick and effective qualification process using HALT; a high level technical discussion of HALT and how it is used to qualify vendor components/ assemblies with data not available by other means (margin and robustness); a specific case study stemming from Japan and Thailand; and wraps up with recommendations on establishing processes for rapid vendor and assembly qualification.

The series is aimed to help ESPEC customers achieve maximum return on investment in ESPEC technology that provide effective solutions for driving down warranty costs. ESPEC senior application engineers will present along with experienced HALT/HASS practitioners to teach best practices for achieving corporate reliability goals.

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