Webinar: IPC Standard 9592A Updates - HALT/HASS

Ask the Experts webinar reviews: 

IPC — the Association Connecting Electronics Industries® recently released the A revision of IPC-9592, Requirements for Power Conversion Devices for the Computer and Telecommunications Industries.

First released in 2008, IPC-9592 sets the requirements for power conversion devices (PCDs) in the computer and telecommunications industries, including design for reliability, design and qualification testing, quality processes and manufacturing conformance testing.

The new A revision of the document provides suppliers and end-users of PCDs with much greater guidance and definition for design qualification testing including product classification and product categories.

IPC-9592A significantly expanded its description of Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and the application of HALT to PCDs.

This presentation focuses on the how and why of Section 5 Design and Qualification Testing Section subsection 5.2.3 Highly Accelerated Life Test and Section 7 Manufacturing Conformance Testing subsection 7.3.2 Stress Tests (Short Term Reliability Tests – BI/HASS)

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