Webinar: How to quickly recover from unexpected supply chain disruptions using HALT/HASS

This year’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan provides a good example of how suddenly supply chains can be disrupted. Whether the disruption is caused by natural disaster, political forces, economic upheaval, or simply part obsolescence, any change in supply chain is fraught with uncertainty and risk. This risk is magnified when the change is unplanned and lengthy production floor downtime or severe product liability excursions loom.

HALT and HASS (Highly Accelerated Life Testing and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) are excellent for providing the first line of defense in deflecting inferior substitutions and maintaining product quality during Supply Chain disruptions. With a HALT-established baseline, new products/vendors can be evaluated for reliability and robustness. Components can be compared side by side and measured against established quality parameters. Relying on spec sheet or MTBF data alone is misplaced when it comes to knowing whether the substitute part will become a raging headache for warranty and repair or perhaps the key element for securing product dominance against competitors.

This webinar details how HALT and HASS are effective risk management tools for reducing uncertainty, monitoring substitute vendor process quality, and preparing your business for the fastest possible response to Supply Chain disruptions.

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