Qualmark Corp Acquires Hobbs Engineering

ESPEC Qualmark Corp Acquires Hobbs Engineering as New Knowledge and Education Division

November 01, 2016 – Denver, CO, USA - ESPEC Qualmark Corporation is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hobbs Engineering which took effect September 15, 2016.

Hobbs Engineering is the worldwide leader in HALT/HASS education through seminars, webinars, and published content delivered by Reliability industry professionals with extensive expertise. The Hobbs Engineering education and training curriculums will augment the ESPEC Qualmark Professional Services HALT/HASS application methodology training and services enhancing the complete Reliability solutions for ESPEC Qualmark customers.

Virginia Hobbs, co-founder of Hobbs Engineering and ESPEC Qualmark Corporation, stated, “By coming full circle and combining the capabilities of Hobbs Engineering Reliability education services and ESPEC Qualmark’s technology leading Typhoon and QFusion, HALT/HASS chamber product line will offer the most complete Accelerated Stress Testing solutions available.”

ESPEC Qualmark will host a Hobbs Engineering seminar at the Denver, CO facilities -

HALT & HASS + Workshop - December 6th and 7th 2016. Please visit click here for information and registration.