Miscellaneous Testing Standards

ESPEC Qualmark Products and Services can help your organization meet a variety of manufacturing related testing standards. Below are just a few miscellaneous test methods. Or refer to our full list of HALT/HASS testing standards. Learn more about our Chamber Systems, our consulting services and our Lab Testing Services and how they can make your products and testing successful.

ASTM E1171-09

  • The useful life of photovoltaic modules may depend on their ability to withstand repeated temperature cycling with varying amounts of moisture in the air. These test methods provide procedures for simulating the effects of cyclic temperature and humidity environments. An extended duration damp heat procedure is provided to simulate the effects of long term exposure to high humidity.
  • Testing for photovoltaic modules.

EIA-364-32 EIA/ECA-364-110

  • Thermal shock (temperature cycling) test procedure for electrical connectors and sockets.
  • Testing for electrical connectors and sockets.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) Procedure- EAD-460/12/00

  • This procedure defines the process elements to implement and perform HALT. It identifies technical, facility and equipment requirements and defines test reporting.
  • Testing for The process described in this document should be applied to several product segments, such as electronic equipment, electromechanical equipment, and may be applied to mechanical equipment as well.

Environmental Stress Screening for Electronic Equipment using HALT tests GUIDE Jan. 2006 Edition DEV HA ESS R25 2006

  • The object of this document is to bring a complement to the technical note«Deverminage des materiels electroniques» (cf ref1) by the creation of a guide describing the Highly Accelerated Environmental Stress Screening processes and methodology.
  • Testing for every domain of the electronic industry. It is aimed at the electronic equipment manufacturers, which are, bring to implement ESS operations implying Highly Accelerated Tests

EMBRAER Quality Requirements for Suppliers

  • EMBRAER expects from Suppliers an equal supportive commitment to Quality through the maintenance of an effective Quality Management System (QMS), the strong foundation where the improvement of products, services, and processes are accomplished.
  • Testing for EMBRAER is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, acting on Commercial, Military and Executive aviation markets. EMBRAER develops and adapts aircraft platforms, implementing new technologies, delivering higher reliability, comfort, and safety.


  • This standard is intended for use as a guideline in performing the HALT and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening/Highly Accelerated Stress Auditing (HASS/HASA) process and using the resulting data in a valid statistical control process to stabilize and improve the product. This standard presents an acceptable and certifiable process for implementing a “common process” across diverse organizations.
  • Testing for General Motors Engineering and manufacturing operations and all GM suppliers.

Shenzhen Metrology and Quality (SMQ) Institute

  • This standard is applicable to all electronic manufacturers within the Peoples Republic of China.
  • Testing for all electronic parts and assemblies

Guide for Defining and performing Highly Accelerated Tests

  • This standard is applicable to all electronic manufacturers with the European Aerospace and Space Industries.
  • Testing for all electronic parts and assemblies.


  • Procedures included within this specification are intended to cover performance testing at all phases of development, production, and field analysis of electrical terminals, connectors, and components that constitute the electrical connection systems in low voltage (0 - 20 VDC) road vehicle applications.
  • Testing for electrical components used in road vehicle applications.