LV-124 Automotive Testing met by ESPEC chambers

Since 2010 the LV 124 has become the most important test standard for the automotive industry. The LV 124 includes several mechanical, climatic and life tests, such as the K-09 damp heat cyclic test, the K-15 condensation test and the L-03 temperature cycle life test.

ESPEC North America offers a wide variety of products that can perform temperature, humidity, condensation, shock and splash testing according to LV 124 Part II standards. A list of the LV 124 tests that can be performed with ESPEC products is shown below:

Test No. Name ESPEC product available
K-01 High / Low Temperature Storage Benchtop / Reach-In
K-02 Incremental Temperature Test Benchtop / Reach-In
K-03 Low Temperature Operation Benchtop / Reach-In
K-04 Temperature testing after coating process
K-05 Thermal shock (component) Thermal Shock
K-08 Damp heat, cyclic Benchtop / Reach-In
K-09 Damp heat, cyclic (with freezing) Benchtop / Reach-In
K-10 Water protection (IPX0 to IPX6K) Rain & Spray
K-11 High-pressure cleaning (IPX9k) Rain & Spray
K-12 Thermal shock with splash water
K-13 Thermal shock immersion (IP X7)
K-14 Damp heat, constant Benchtop / Reach-In
K-15 Condensation and climate test
K-16 Temperature shock (without housing) Thermal Shock
K-17 Solar radiation
L-01 Life time - mechanical test
L-02 Life time - high temperature test Benchtop / Reach-In / Ovens
L-03 Life time - temperature cycling test Benchtop / Reach-In
M-03 Dust Test Settling Dust

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