Improve Product Reliability with HALT/HASS Tests

Increase Product Reliability - Fast

ESPEC technology is specifically engineered to reduce the total cost of developing and supporting product throughout its lifecycle - from prototype testing, through production, and during warranty.

Increase Sales Revenues with Reputation for Quality

Accelerated reliability testing is designed to decreased development costs and increased production integrity made possible by ESPEC technology maximizes per unit price margins and allows for a more competitive price point. Coupled with strong field performance in HALT testing, products subjected to accelerated stress testing are far more likely to deliver on profitability projections. A reliable performance reflects a company’s integrity and results in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is intrinsically linked with loyalty and increased market share. Other product lines benefit from the HALT test applied to each school, and the company’s overall cost of sale effectively reduced by our reliability testing methods.

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Qualmark HALT Systems

Qualmark offers the industry's most popular HALT chambers
(Highly Accelerated Life Testing)

  • Up to 100°C/min., -100 to 200°C
  • Six degree-of-freedom vibration / repetitive-shock system
  • Six chamber sizes witth tables from 18"x18” to 48”x100”
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Qualmark HASS Systems

Screen for known product weaknesses at production volumes
(Highly Accelerated Stress Screening)

  • Six tables for maximum throughput
  • -60 to 120°C at rates up to 60°C/min.
  • Six-degree-of-freedom vibration system
  • Acceleration: 5 - 40gRMS
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