IEC 60512-11-4

  • This part of IEC 60512, when required by the detail specification, is used for testing electromechanical components within the scope of IEC technical committee 48. This test may also be used for similar devices when specified in a detail specification.
  • Testing for Connectors for electronic equipment.

IEC 60749-25

  • This part of IEC 60749 provides a test procedure for determining the ability of semiconductor devices and components and/or board assemblies to withstand mechanical stresses induced by alternating high and low temperature extremes. Permanent changes in electrical and/or physical characteristics can result from these mechanical stresses.
  • Testing for Semiconductor devices.

IEC 61300-22-2

  • This part of IEC 61300 describes a procedure to determine the suitability of a fiber optic device to withstand the effects of a change of temperature or a succession of changes oftemperature.
  • Testing for Fiber Optics

IEC 61215

  • This International Standard lays down IEC requirements for the design qualification and type approval of terrestrial photovoltaic modules suitable for long-term operation in general open-airclimates, as defined in IEC 60721-2-1. It applies only to crystalline silicon modules types. A standard for thin-film modules has been published as IEC 61646.
  • Testing for Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules Solar Panel Testings.

IEC 61014 - Programs for Reliability Growth

  • This International Standard specifies requirements and gives guidelines for the exposure and removal of weaknesses in hardware and software items for the purpose of reliability growth.
  • Testing for It applies when the product specification calls for a reliability growth program of equipment(electronic, electromechanical and mechanical hardware as well as software) or when it is known that the design is unlikely to meet the requirements without improvement.

IEC 62133

  • IEC 62133 is the most important standard for exporting Lithium-Ion batteries, including those used in IT equipment, tools, laboratory, household and medical equipment.
  • Testing for Portable sealed Secondary Batteries - Laptops, Toys, Radio, etc.

IEC 60068-2-14

  • This part of IEC 60068 provides a test to determine the ability of components, equipment or other articles to withstand rapid changes of ambient temperature. The exposure times adequate to accomplish this will depend upon the nature of the specimen.
  • Testing for components, equipment or other articles to withstand rapid changes of ambient temperature.