Clean Energy HALT Success Story

Emerging technology and the demand for cleaner energy creates a rapidly evolving and challenging market in which to obtain financing, develop and introduce innovative, cost-effective, profitable products. Devices that meet the long-life expectancies, environmental tolerances and interoperability performance needs for the clean energy industry have all benefited from solutions provided by ESPEC Qualmark PS experts.

SUCCESS PROFILE: Energy Management

A major producer of industrial automated energy management systems engaged ESPEC Qualmark PS for a fast, effective solution for their load shedding units that were inexplicably producing a false overload reading. Load shedding devices are used by electrical utility suppliers to reduce the grid maximum load during peak demand periods to avoid widespread rolling blackouts. The false overload was repeatedly triggering system shut downs during which industrial and commercial customers were experiencing unnecessary production stoppages costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime and idle labor. Speed in resolving the failure was essential. Unable to detect issue with traditional reliability testing and under pressure from the utility provider and their customers to resolve the false triggers, the load bearing device manufacturer turned to ESPEC Qualmark PS.

ESPEC Qualmark’s PS application engineers applied accelerated reliability testing which successfully replicated and pinpointed the causal failure mode within 3 days.

RESULTS: Corrective actions and design improvements that resulted in a very fast, complete fix of the issue were performed. The improvements provided performance stability in the load shedding unit and the power infrastructure customers are no longer subjected to costly intermittent operational downtime. A win/win/win solution.

The Return on Investment (ROI) from ESPEC Qualmark PS solutions is proving to be quite substantial.