Getting Affordable Testing Chambers

ESPEC has the widest variety of low cost, affordable test chambers, that includes some of our most widely known chambers. Save time and money while choosing a chamber from a list of large and small rental and quick ship chambers on our website.

Save thousands and get quick delivery by using the affordable Qualmark Refurbished HALT Systems, a product line of ESPEC.

ESPEC rents our most popular chambers for short-term use, when purchasing a chamber isn’t practical, or the need is urgent. The rentals available includes chambers in the Benchtop, Reach-in, and Thermal shock series. We provide discounted rates for a longer rental period that fits your budget needs.

ESPEC has affordable Quick Ship chambers that will ship within two business days of order. Quick Ship include chambers from the series of Benchtops, Platinous, Thermal Shock and Non-Nitrogen HALT.

For more information, visit our Quick Ship or Rentals page.