The NEW Typhoon 2.5 Plus and 2.5 Inferno

ESPEC Qualmark’s Typhoon™ series is the most energy efficient on the market. With over 20 years of production, the technology has matured to provide the extreme stresses necessary to rapidly find design flaws missed by traditional methods. The Typhoon’s Omni-Axial ™ six degree of freedom, random, broadband excitation (10 Hz to above 5,000Hz) delivers a consistent power spectral density profile that eliminates “picket fencing.” The thermal system features vacuum jacketed liquid nitrogen injection cooling, open element nichrome heating, and offers temperature ranges of +200°C to -100°C for the standard model, or up to +250˚C for the Inferno model, with ramp rates of 60˚C per minute. The Typhoon comes equipped with ESPEC Qualmark’s powerful custom control system designed for both lab and production environments. These two NEW chambers, the Typhoon 2.5 Plus and 2.5 Inferno, take this premium technology even further!.... watch this two minute video to grab a first glimpse and see how it can also take your testing and screening efforts further as well! Contact Us TODAY for pricing and more!