Testing Standard - MIL-STD-154C


MlL-STD- 1540C


This Standard establishes the environmental and structural ground testing requirements for launch vehicles, upper-stage vehicles, space vehicles, and fortheir subsystems and units. In addition, a uniform set of definitions of related terms is established.

Testing For:

1) Development - Engineering characterization tests and tests tovalidate qualification and acceptance procedures (Section 5). 2) QuaIification test - Vehicle, subsystem, and unit levels (Section 6). 3) Acceptance test - Vehicle, subsystem, and unit levels (Section 7). 4) Flightproof and ProtoquaIification test - Vehicle, subsystem, and unitlevels (Section 8). 5) Prelaunch validation tests and follow-on Operational tests and evaluations - Integrated system tests, initial operational tests andevaluations, and operational tests (Section 9). *Note that this spec is being revised specifically for HALT and HASS*.