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Hobbs Engineering acquired as new knowledge and education division

Friday, November 11 2016

Reliability testing expert training company now a part of ESPEC North America.

Hobbs Engineering presents HALT/HASS education through seminars, webinars, and published content delivered by reliability industry professionals.

Hobbs presents the famous how-to seminars on accelerated reliability that teachers, engineers, and managers have been speaking about. The late Dr. Hobbs invented HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Tests) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screens) methodology and technology. These techniques use severe temperature and vibration conditions to test for weaknesses in design. The breakdowns and parts failures that will occur after several years in average conditions, happen in a matter of minutes or even seconds using HALT and HASS, so designers and manufacturers can find problems and fix them quickly.

The Hobbs Engineering education and training curriculum will augment the ESPEC Solutions Group HALT/HASS application services, which are focused on individual applications and lab testing services.

To read more about the announcement click the link below:

Learn More ( press release pdf)

Hobbs Engineering Website

Hobbs page on espec.com

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