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Qualmark Controller

Qualmark systems encompass the very latest innovations in HALT/HASS Technology and selected the best configuration for delivering optimum performance for your test lab environment.

Qualmark Typhoon Manager

  • Securely access the Qualmark Typhoon Manager using one of three password-protected user levels and limits access to calibration and PID tuning screens.
  • Windows 10 system with Labview based operation and PLC-based controls
  • Twelve thermal channels and four vibration channels that can be numerically viewed,  charted or data logged by a computer.
  • User can set up either manually or with a test profile.
  • A separate HASS user screen is available for when the chamber operator only needs to run profiles.

Recommended: Web Controller

The ESPEC Web Controller is an embedded server/software solution for monitoring and programming your chamber via Ethernet. Works with P-300, SCP-220, F4T, & F4 controllers. That’s most ESPEC North America chambers built since 1997.

Independent of the controller itself, the Web Controller adds additional capabilities for datalogging, programming, alarm emails, and RESTful API.

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Web Controller details
Self-install kit for existing units

All Current controllers

New Qualmark HALT control systems:

  • Windows 10 system with Labview based operation and PLC-based controls
  • Programming, operation, and datalogging for vibration/thermal profiles.
  • One accelerometer for table control (three additional inputs available)
  • Two thermocouples: one for product, one for air (four additional inputs available)
  • Eight event relays for external controls
  • Optional Q-Link or Qualview software tools for ATE integration and other remote connections.
  • Optional QDaq - Qualmark Data Acquisition System


  • Monitor an internet connection
  • Control commands via TCP/IP protocol
  • User must be able to create programs that are capable of transmitting and receiving packets of information

QualView Software

  • Advanced LabView that enables Qualmark system to integrate with other test functions
  • Permits single computer control for both the Qualmark system and other automated test equipment
  • Licensed individually per chamber

OVTT Manager

  • Easy to us "point and click" windows interface, 
  • Designed specifically to use with the Qualmark benchtop system


  • System software upgrades
  • OVS vibration control upgrade using Allen Bradley PLC hardware
  • Integrated temperature/vibration control using ESPEC hardware

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