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All of the content you once found on qualmark.com can be found right here on our espec.com site.

Qualmark, the gold standard of accelerated testing, is now a product line of ESPEC North America. The Qualmark team is still here, looking forward to continuing to serving you, and offer an even larger portfolio of products and services.

Let’s get you to where you need to be at espec.com:

So how did two of the largest testing industry leaders come together?

Starting in 2018, ESPEC North America and Qualmark Corporation merged, assimilating the Qualmark product line into the ESPEC portfolio. In 2015, Qualmark had first become part of the ESPEC Group, combining its sales and support teams in mid-2017. Now, as a single company, we provide a complete testing solution that is unparalleled in the electronics and environmental testing industries.

The ESPEC Group is headquartered in Japan. It includes worldwide operations, with daughter corporations in North America, China, Germany, and Thailand. Qualmark’s HALT type test chambers are new to the company and will continue to be distributed worldwide from Aurora, Colorado.

Thanks to the breadth of ENA’s new product portfolio, our company truly has our customers covered from a complete testing solution perspective. This encompasses the full product life cycle, from early design through end-of-life.

Sales, support, and service are encompassed in one group, meaning that our customers do not need to maintain separate communications channels with two separate companies in order to have access to our full line of ENA resources.

At ESPEC, quality is more than a word. Combining the quality and strength of both the ESPEC and Qualmark brands provides the environmental testing and design and reliability engineering communities access to the broadest portfolio of chambers, services, and labs in the world.

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