The industry's first camera unit specifically for environmental test chambers that can withstand harsh temperature and humidity conditions. The chamber cam allows you to monitor the inside of the chamber during the tests using a PC and video software. Attaches via a cable port for easy installation.

Quick look video about the camera (2 minutes on YouTube)

For use with ESPEC chambers with 2" or 4" cable ports with outer threads. For use in older chambers without this type of port, a new port should be added with the threaded port body.

A chamber camera is useful for remote monitoring of test samples, especially those with visual indicators such as LEDs, or those that may physically change while under test. A test chamber's window is multi-pane glass on the main access door, a poor choice to use a camera with. The chamber camera lens only has one heated glass cover, making images much clear, and it is out of the way of the chamber door.

You can select the type of camera software that matches your need to monitor the test samples. Security camera software is a good first choice. ESPEC does have specialized software that can sync the chamber operation with the camera images, this will require some additional hardware to work. Please contact us if this is desired.