Solar Panel Testing

Chambers to complete certification testing of solar panel modules to IEC or UL standards. Temperature cycling, humidity-freeze, and damp heat testing are all possible.

  • Interior sizes: 48, 112 & 282 cu. ft.
  • 85°C/85% RH steady state testing
  • Temperature cycling rates up to 15°C/min.
See Solar Panel Testing models
HAST - Highly Accelerated Stress Test

Drastically reduce time for humidity testing with high temperatures and high pressure. Designed for consistant, repeatable results.

  • Touch-screen controller
  • Conforms to EIA/JEDEC tests A110 & 102C
  • Automatic humidity filling
  • Specimen power terminals
Learn about HAST
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)

Stress test chambers to eliminate infant mortality and ensure the reliability of your product

  • Change rates up to 20°C/min
  • >500 CFM horizontal airflow (workspace)
  • Designed for high volume throughput
See ESS Series
Settling Dust

A ready-made solution for common dust tests for automotive and electronic-cabinet requirements. Often specified for use with "Arizona fine dust". See a video demonstration.

  • Two standard sizes
  • Low mess design
  • Options for different test methods
See Dust Chambers
Rain & Spray Test

Chambers for rain & spray simulation, including special tests like car wash spray.

  • Can meet IP Code, IEC, SAE, JIS, and most automotive-OEM test standards
  • High-volume floor drain system
  • Water pressure regulators, gauges and flow meters
  • Speed control for the rotating spray nozzles
  • See video demonstration of different spray types
See details on Rain/Spray

Simultaneous testing of temperature and low-pressure altitude conditions

  • Altitude range from ground to 100,000 feet
  • Temperature range from -70 to 170°C
  • Automatic altitude control, integrated with temperature controller
  • Custom size and performance to meet your testing
See Altitude Models
Tensile Test

Temperature/humidity test chambers designed to work with tensile-test machines

  • Configured to fit your tensile-test machine
  • Refrigeration for temperature (and humidity) control
  • Actuator slots in the chamber floor and ceiling for test grips
  • Cart or bench installation
See Tensile Test Chambers