Qualmark HALT

Industry's most popular HALT chambers
HALT = Highly Accelerated Life Testing

  • Up to 100°C/min., -100 to 200°C
  • Six degree-of-freedom vibration / repetitive-shock system
  • Six chamber sizes witth tables from 18"x18” to 48”x100”
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Tabletop Vibration / Repetitive-shock System

  • Six-degree-of-freedom vibration system
  • Acceleration: 5 - 60gRMS
  • Table sizes of 18"x18” or 24”x24”
  • Configurable for use inside temperature test chambers
Tabletop Repetitive Shock
Qualmark HASS

Screen for known product weaknesses at production volumes
HASS = Highly Accelerated Stress Screening

  • Six tables for maximum throughput
  • -60 to 120°C at rates up to 60°C/min.
  • Six-degree-of-freedom vibration system
  • Acceleration: 5 - 40gRMS
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Non-Nitrogen HALT

Conduct HALT programs with a high performance cascade refrigeration system

  • 15°C/min change rates (without LN2)
  • -70 to 180°C temperature range
  • Acceleration: 7 - 75gRMS (bare table)

The melding of ESPEC and Qualmark technologies

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