Webinar: Part 4 Effective HASS on Medical Device

Part 4 of this special series on performing effective HALT and HASS focuses on HASS – Highly Accelerated Stress Screening. While ESPEC HALT technology is applied primarily during the design stage to provide insights for improving design robustness, our HASS technology is applied during the manufacturing stage to quickly detect flaws that can be introduced during the production process. HASS is especially effective at reducing infant modalities, a key outcome for proactive warranty cost containment.

Introducing a new product, especially in the medical industry, can be particularly exacting in today’s market. Now new, rapidly evolving technologies and manufacturing advances challenge the efficacy of traditional approaches to process monitoring. ESPEC technology helps companies rise up to the challenge.

Today’s session on effective HASS features John Hansen, the Reliability Director for Varian Medical Systems, who will share with you lessons learned and the results of their accelerated reliability program:

Varian was one of the earliest adopters of ESPEC’s latest offering, the QFusion® HASS system. Hansen will reveal how QFusion’s unique design enabled rapid implementation of Varian's accelerated reliability test program.

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