Webinar: Extreme Conditions and Reliability: Using HALT and HASS on Down Hole Oil Field Assemblies

Webinar Topics include:

Unique challenges faced by down hole tool designers:

  • Extreme vibration environment
  • Extreme thermal environment
  • Extreme expense of downtime
  • Low volume production increases risk of variability

  • HALT and HASS are ideal for addressing these needs in the shortest amount of time. ESPEC sees more and more HALT/HASS interest and need from down hole suppliers yearly.

Key points that will be addressed in this webinar include:
When spec is 180°C, a 200°C chamber isn’t enough
Why a Repetitive Shock vibration system is ideal for testing Down Hole tools.
Dealing with potting and other physical protective elements

  • Finding a HALT/HASS system to meet your extreme temperature needs
  • Unique characteristics of a high shock environment
  • How to fixture a down hole tool for HALT and HASS vibration

Challenges of fixturing a cylindrical product

Maximizing vibration response to find failures in highly ruggedized assemblies

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